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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still here...

I hacked my mother's blog to update you all on her health status. Her surgery went very well, however, the Dr was astounded by the size of the herniation. He described it as being a, "honker". They are keeping her in the hospital tonight because they're worried that she could be getting pneumonia. So being the good daughter (and nursing student) that I am, I have been making her turn, cough, and deep breathe and use her incentive spirometer. Her pain has increased today from yesterday but the Dr says that's not too surprising because of all of swelling in her back and all along her spinal cord plus she doesn't have the effects of the anesthesia any more. Mom walked about 2 miles today and has more feeling in her quads and knee then she has had in the past 4 weeks. They're hoping to discharge her tomorrow, so we'll see how she does...just pray she's able to kick the fever and avoid pneumonia!! I'm also praying she's able to get some sleep. I traded seats with her earlier today (she sat in the upright chair and I sat in her bed) and her bed is the most uncomfortable bed EVER! Her hospital bed is even more uncomfortable than the practice hospital beds (ancient beds I might add) that we have for our nursing program! So I'm hoping that she's able to catch up on some much needed rest, if not now, then when she gets home to a real bed. I have a few pics to share from my phone that's real SMART -- since her phone isn't too smart ;) and then that's it for me! Hope y'all don't mind me taking over mom's blog and throwing some words together! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! They're greatly appreciated!

Her poor cheeks were so red, I told her she was  the perfect example of what a butterfly rash looks like!
 The wound! When I showed mom the picture she said it looked like corn on the cob laying in a pool of mustard...I suppose I can see where she's coming from!!!
 A few minutes after going for a mile long walk. She's been a pro and put up with my bossing her around very well! :) 
 This was last night when they finally decided she could handle solid foods. She was given salmon, squash, fresh fruit, and diet coke!!! It was a meal right up her alley! Thankfully the hospital food here actually hasn't been too awful!


  1. Maggie, thanks so much for the update! Kathy looks as beautiful as ever and it's good to see her radiant smile even though I know it must have been a difficult procedure. Give her a big hug for me :) -Cheryl

  2. Back surgery sure has improved......years ago you were laid up for weeks! Still, the picture of your wound really brought this home.....sending lots of prayers to you, Kathy! Gentle hugs from me, too!

  3. Wish Kathy a speedy recovery! Thanks for the updates on her surgery! Sending (gentle )hugs!