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Monday, January 23, 2012

Quick update!

It's me again, Maggie! I just thought I'd update y'all again on momma's status. She is making progress each day. While it's still painful for her to move around, it's getting easier for her and she is becoming a pro at log rolling. She's also working on what the hospital called no BLTing (bending, lifting, or twisting).

She has been walking at least a mile a day and has been working on her back exercises! Each day that I changer her dressing I'm able to see improvement which is marvelous and encouraging! She hasn't been able to get up to her craft table yet, but I know it's on the top of her list to be able to. Right now though we're just working on walking, strengthening her back, and getting her rest to continue her healing!

I have some pictures to share with y'all of our walk today...I also included some pictures of her incision sight..so again if you don't like that kind of stuff, well, I'm sorry and I put them at the very bottom so you can at least just see the pics of mom on the walk today! The story behind the stick is that my nephew (her grandchildren) out in Florida go on daily walks with their mom and they get sticks to use as their guns, like their dad (who is a gunner on the AC-130U). So when mom saw this stick on our walk she just couldn't resist taking pictures to share with her grandkids! Hope you enjoy!!

 Can you see the similarities? Also, they both normally have their water bottle close at hand to sip water as needed on their walks (hence mom holding her water bottle in all of the pics!) 

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