wooly winter

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In With the New.......

Lets see if i can squeeze a quick post in before heading in to surgery this morning.

John was able to get me a few photos of the morning he left to go back to school from his "smart phone" and e-mailed them to me. 

We celebrated his 24th birthday the night before a week or so early.....and this is the hat is was hoping for.  I know....what can I say except we all have our own quirky fashion statements i guess!!

The piece I made the piece i am wearing out of twisted fabric flowers and an old doily, just to entertain myself.  And i like it just as much as John likes his bearded beanie ;D 

it sure is quiet now that everyone is back to college in their respective states. 

Thank you for your prayers!!

my grandson share our love for fashion


  1. Hey, lady, thinking about you today :) I hope all goes well. Hugs!