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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Yes!!  That's my Maggie getting pinned a graduate nurse Friday evening!!  Next she takes her NCLEX board exam and works on getting her BS in nursing.

I am soooooo proud of her!!

We're all proud of her!!  

Next on our agenda is David's wedding in Nashville on the 25th. He is marrying a very sweet woman, Elise.  As you can guess, we've been busy trying to get everything ready on our end. 

A few nights ago I decided it was time to call on the crafty part of my brain and get a purse designed to carry.  Nothing I have seemed right for the night.  
Sensing the urgency of the situation, my kitty, Simon, got right in the middle of it all to supervise me.  He always does! 

Above is the front of my wrist-let, and bellow is the back side. 

I decided to use supplies I already had on hand.....some burlap, muslin, an old zipper, a doily, and some cotton twill tape.  Two hours later, it  was done and I was very happy and relieved. 

One more thing crossed off my list......;D

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