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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a Week!

What a week it has been at our house.  We've had siblings do a kidney transplant which went very well!

Maggie helped Olivia get her hair back in shape after a few days of bed!!  That's what sisters do!

Olivia and Ben are both out of the hospital and recovering well!!
My 7th child, Sam, turned 18 Tuesday!

Seemed like the perfect age to try blowing out his candles with his nose.......it worked.....

This morning, my 5th child, John, left for grad school in Illinois.  His brother Sam is helping him drive out.  It was bitter sweet watching them drive off this morning. 

How do you spend your last night at home??

By playing hockey together!!  Sam is taking over John's position as goalie on an adult league team.  Good thing he turned 18 and is eligible to do that! For the transition, the team let Sammy "skate out" last night while his brother goal tended for the last time here.  The best part??  Sam scored a goal!!

Sammy is on the left and John is on the right.

If you've never been around hockey much, you need to know that their gear reeks!!  no matter how much you wash it, it has a horrific smell all of its own.  Even worse??  They are proud of that smell and eager to rub it off on you if they can!  I can laugh though because John's hockey bag is making the trip to Southern Illinois University with them......in his 4Runner!!  Yes, even though I washed it all last night, they get to smell it all the way there!

Enjoy boys!!!



  1. Great photos Kathy...such a momentous week!
    I can relate to sports gear funk...you haven't lived until 4 teenage boys take their soccer shinguards off in your backseat while you try to maintain consciousness. I do love the photo of you with your 2 guys, such genuine smiles!

  2. Love this post, Kathy! I miss those days with our boys.....the youngest played soccer and lots of your post is familiar :) Though I only have 2 children. SEVEN sounds pretty interesting, I'll bet there's never a dull moment at your house! So glad to hear that your hospital kids are doing great!

  3. Thanks for the update. What a blessing all your children are! See you tomorrow at the Hen House